Car Treats

“This is ridiculous,” I sighed. “One of us needs to get an apartment immediately.” He also let out a sigh as we sat on the pier and stared at the city skyline.

“Well, I just got a new job. We’ll have an apartment by July,” he replied. I started to stroke his cheek. His muscular jaw line is so sexy to me. He also has extremely thick lips and every time I look at them I’m forced to contemplate which feels better, his thick and long cock or his wet and slimy tongue. I could ride them both for hours. The more I stared at him the more my pussy dripped.

“Let me taste you,” I demanded. He smiled in return and eagerly unzipped his pants. “We should probably get a room,” I began to chuckle as I wrapped my hands around his dick. He’s so tasty. First I gave his work of art soft kisses on its head. Then French kisses that gradually became deep inhales and slurps. His dick is so big that I had to use my hands to jerk while I attempted to swallow ten inches.

My mouth continued to water as I gobbled him down and his moans turned me on even more. He ran his fingers through my hair and pulled my head back for a better view of me smacking his dick against my swollen lips and tongue. More French kisses and more gagging caused my hips to buck. My pussy was streaming at this point. He tried to get his hands into my romper to play with my sticky kitty.

“Don’t touch it,” I panted through slurps and sucks. “No pussy for you.” I then started to lick on his balls. I put them both in my mouth while I jerked him off more. My face was covered in pre-cum and spit, my nipples were hard, and I could no longer contain myself. I ripped open the top of my one piece and leaned back in the seat. I put one leg in his lap and the other on the dashboard. He watched in awe as I rubbed my breasts with one hand and continued to stroke his dick.

“Damn,” he groaned. “I’ve never experienced this before.”

“Really?” I laughed, “I’ve never done this for anyone before. I guess you turn me out.” He squeezed my inner thigh and kissed my nipples while I played with my clit. My pussy glistened under the street light while I stared into his bedroom eyes. He’s such a freak. I love that about him among other things…

I continued to rub my clit and jerk his dick until I started to cream all over the driver’s seat. I sat with my legs apart with on hand on my pussy and the other still giving my man a hand job while I caught my breath. He pulled my hand to his face to lick my fingers but I snatched my hand back and beat him to it.

“I know what you like,” I giggled, “and you can’t have it until you get our apartment. Put your dick away, no nut for you,” I teased.

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