Get Out

He’d lied to and humiliated her for the last time. With each stab her mind chanted “I didn’t want to go to jail. I can’t go to jail.” But it didn’t stop her from repeating the up and down motion. Her arms were growing tired; there was blood everywhere.

He should have just walked away months ago. She could have walked away as well but there was no one else. There could have been had she given them the chance but she was convinced he was her only choice so she let him stay. There was no more strength in her arms when she finally stopped stabbing. She sat tired and slumped in the corner staring over at his body.

“I hate liars,” she huffed. Then she crawled over to his body and shoved her hand in the hole where his heart had been. No more tears, no more lies, no more him. Of all his misdeeds, who knew his lying would be the reason someone finally killed him?

This is unfortunate. Who will raise their children? She didn’t care much for his kids. In her heart, they were doomed to be scum of society anyway. With a father like him as their only reference, how could they not be? She made a few phone calls to family and friends to have her daughters picked up. Her final phone call was to the police. She ran her bloody hands through her hair and waited next to his body for the police to arrive.

Still covered in his blood, she sat in the back of the squad car. She watched his 300 pound body get carted into the ambulance. She felt sorrow. But not for his loss but the loss of her children.

“Why?” asked the arresting officer.

“He talked too much,” she coldly replied as she closed her eyes to nap in the back seat.

The sounds of little girls screaming woke her from her slumber. She rubbed her eyes and was staring at the very man she’d slaughtered moments before. He picked up their two youngest and knelt to kiss his oldest while she stared at him in shock.

“What’s wrong, babe?” he asked.

For a second she still didn’t speak. “Get your kids, pack your bags, and leave.”

“What the fuck?”

“You all have to go. Mine can stay but you and yours have to leave.”

…and so it began.

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