Train Ride Home

Tiara walked to the benches near the train tracks as she observed the bustling crowd awaiting the next train’s arrival. She sighed in dismay thinking on the long trip ahead as she listened to her music to calm her nerves. This was her first trip home to Blessing, Texas since she was eighteen years old. Tiara moved away as soon as she graduated high school and forged toward a life of luxury and glamour in the big city of Miami.

Much to Tiara’s chagrin, the flights from Miami had been grounded due to inclement weather. She was hoping to catch a flight leaving Atlanta. At this point, anywhere was fine as long as she didn’t have to take the train all the way to Texas. It felt like hours had passed while she sat and fiddled with her mp3 player wondering what could possibly be so important that her baby sister couldn’t tell her over the phone.

Tiara took her headphones off just in time to hear that finally the train to Atlanta had arrived. The conductor watched the young woman struggle with her bags but decided not to help. Instead he waited for her to board the train and attempt to put her bags into the luggage racks.

“How far are you going?” Tiara jumped at the sound of the man’s voice and turned to see a handsome conductor.

“Atlanta,” she responded quietly.

“Let me see your ticket,” his eyes were stern and cold. Tiara twisted her lips in defiant response a little annoyed that she couldn’t even settle in before the beginning of an interrogation. She rifled through her purse and shoved a crinkled ticket into his hand. After a moment of silence he said, “In the future, check in any of the bags you don’t need during your trip at the train station. The attendant would have made arrangements for you to pick up your bags at your destination.”  The older gentleman grabbed two of her bags from the rack and continued, “Your bags won’t go on this luggage rack since you bought a room for your trip. Follow me.”

Tiara started to protest but instead picked up her remaining luggage and followed him silently. She couldn’t wait to kick her five inch heels off her tingling feet. At last they arrived to the train car with the rooms on it. It only took a split second to take in the small sleeping area.

“I only need one bed,” Tiara turned to address the conductor but he had already left the car. She rolled her eyes in disbelief but was grateful that she had a place to rest. Tiara locked the door, plopped down on the recliner, and kicked of her shoes.

After sitting in silence for quite some time and watching the city fade through the landscape window, Tiara got up and set up her music on her mp3 dock. As she drifted into a slumber to Maxwell’s soft voice there was a tap on the door. She cracked her eyes in the direction of the knock and contemplated on whether or not she was going to answer. Tiara decided against the unknown company and tried to doze off but the stranger tapped again.

Still Tiara was unsure if she wanted to answer so she remained seated but this time gave the door a determined stare.  The visitor was relentless and after a few moments began to tap harder.  Tiara slipped on her shoes and peeked at herself in the mirror. Content with her appearance, she opened the door. To her surprise it was the conductor from earlier.

“Yes?” she frowned.

“I apologize, were you asleep?” he responded.

“No,” she lied. “What can I do for you?” still frowning she stepped back so he could enter the room.

“I forgot to mention that you’d be changing trains tomorrow,” he smiled warmly. “Is everything alright? You seem upset.”

“I’m fine, I was just lost in thought. Is there anything else?”

“Well, no, not exactly. I meant to introduce myself. My name is Halloway,” his smile still warm.

Tiara began to notice how handsome he really is. During their earlier interaction, she wasn’t in the position to see how dark his eyes are or how smooth his skin is. He took his hat off and revealed a low cut covered in salt and pepper. “Oh, okay. Thank you. I wanted to ask you earlier if I had to share a room with anyone but you disappeared so quickly.”

“No, you don’t. The rooms are actually full right now but they should be clearing out within the next several stops.”

“Great,” she cracked a smile.

“Yea, so,” he paused and licked his lips, “I’m on break right now and usually we’re allowed to sleep in the empty dorms but there are none available. You seem like a nice girl and I was hoping maybe I could camp here for an hour or so,” Halloway asked. Tiara stared him down and sized up his frame. He towered over her five seven frame and seemed to be filling out his uniform quite nicely. After a few awkward silent moments, she silently agreed and offered him a seat.

They laughed and talked for quite some time. Halloway took note of how sophisticated Tiara was and she in turn noted that he was, to her surprise, very educated. He learned that she worked as a VP for a pharmaceutical company and that contrary to what he initially thought; the name brands that adorned her curvy body were more than likely purchased on with money she didn’t earn using her body.

Tiara groaned loudly, “I’m sorry but I really have to get these shoes off, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, I’m in your space, remember?” he chuckled. “Let me help you,” he said a silent prayer hoping he wouldn’t run into something like the scene with Lela Rochon in Boomerang. He slid off her shoes and revealed ten beautiful toes that were painted a cotton candy blue.

Tiara flexed her toes in relief and continued to gush about her baby sister back home in Texas and how she hasn’t seen her since she was ten. As she talked, Halloway leaned over and took her foot into his hand. She giggled, slightly uncomfortable with his forward behavior but decided to let go and enjoy the gesture.

Halloway stared the young woman down intensely while he effortlessly eased her body with his strong hands. They continued with their small talk and eventually Tiara’s eyes were like slits; she could barely keep them open. Before she realized what had happened, she was soundly sleeping in the recliner.

The soft kisses on Tiara’s neck didn’t gain much attention at first; she thought she was dreaming. Then she felt his strong hands tighten around her waist. When she opened her eyes they were engaged in a deep kiss. His kiss sent tingles and chills through her soul. Halloway interlocked his fingers with hers while he sucked and nibbled her full lips. He steadily kissed her chin and neck then moved along to her collarbone. Tiara’s low moans began to grow louder so he silenced her with more of his tongue. He continued to kiss her while one hand firmly held the back of her neck and the other patiently unbuttoned her blouse.

Tiara followed his lead and began to undress him slowly. By this time her blouse and bra were on the floor and her skirt was around her waist. Halloway put his fingers in her mouth to muffle her moans while his tongue and teeth mingled with her nipples. He kissed her soft breasts and worked his tongue down her sides and to her hip bone. Halloway’s hands started toying with the waistband of her panties while he licked on her inner thigh. Tiara lifted her hips so that he could slip them off of her shapely legs.  Without further hesitation he French kissed her neatly trimmed pussy. His warm mouth created a past due sensation waving through her body. He felt her soft feet rubbing up and down his lower back.

Halloway’s nails gently scratched Tiara’s round ass as he continued to lick and suck on her clit. She felt his tongue search the opening of her pussy attentively, ensuring to catch every ounce of her sweet juice. He lifted her hips a little higher to take his journey deeper. Tiara felt his mustache tickle her bare pussy lips while the tip of his tongue entered a place never explored.

Blue and red sparks lit up the room as her entire body shivered towards an amazing explosion. He stopped. Tiara looked down into his dark eyes and twisted her lips as he licked cum off of his. She pulled him to eye level and guided his dick inside of her. He let out an animalistic growl in her ear. His thickness filled her completely and tapped her back g spot.

“Fuck me,” she hissed. He shoved his tongue down her throat and began to grind his hips against hers. The slight curve in his manhood massaged her g spot with each thrust.  Tiara could feel her juices drip down the crack of her own ass. With a devilish grin, Halloway pulled out of her slowly only leaving a thick mushroom marinating in her honey pot. He methodically stirred her pot backing up every time she tried to ease herself forward.

“Shut the fuck up,” he groaned while he slammed his dick into her back wall. The room started to change colors once more. The feeling was disorienting and almost unfamiliar. She squeezed her eyes shut and allowed her body to continue on this ride to ecstasy.  Countless moments were spent unsuccessfully grasping for a nearby anchor and digging her nails into his back.

Tiara’s eyes opened and Halloway was gone. She was fully dressed however there was a sticky puddle between her thighs that spoke as evidence of her sexcapade. Her clit was still throbbing and her pussy leaking but Halloway was nowhere to be found. Tiara’s legs still felt the pressure from his thick frame pressing between them and didn’t want to move. The door to her quarters was still locked but there was a faint scent of his cologne and sex in the air. Dumb founded, she stared out of the landscape window watching the countryside and recounting her experience.

It happened the moment when you were revealed. Cus you were a dream that you should not have been, a fantasy real. You gave me this beating, baby, this rhythm inside. You made me feel good and feel nice and feel loved; gave me paradise…

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