In Terms of Friendship

I was this close to writing about each of you in great detail. This close. Then I came to the realization that it wasn’t worth it. I would much rather be brief. Put my irritation with the lot of mean girls I once called friends into the universe and be done.

To the young lady that broke up my first real relationship that still suffers from her insecurities, I forgive you. To the young woman that finds it necessary to make the lives of others as miserable as her own, I don’t pray for you; but sometimes I consider it. To the young woman that mistakes her sexual confusion as sexual freedom that has no respect for boundaries, there’s hope – and dieting but mostly hope. To the broad that lived to toss snide disrespectful remarks to me about my life and my direction, may you one day remember where you came from. May you one day look upon yourself and see just how disappointing you are, how sad and miserable you truly are and make a change that doesn’t land you in a warm tub with slit wrists. I’d throw some names in the air, but I’ve forgotten them already and damn it feels good.

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