Finding Passion

She inhales her blunt while she stares out the window. The smoke swirls around her thick lips and round face. Silence fills the room until she lets out a discontent sigh. “You know what the problem is?” Renee whispers. “I’m addicted to passion,” she continues. She turns to admire her naked frame in the moonlight creeping through the dark room then climbs in the bed. Her companion doesn’t reply as she patiently waits for Renee to pass her the peace pipe.

More silence infiltrates the room while the two share cloud nine. Finally the woman has found a response, “That’s not a problem.” She slowly blows a tuft of smoke into Renee’s mouth. “What’s life without passion?” she continues. She intertwines her milky legs with Renee’s dark chocolate legs. Renee only scoffs in response and starts to roll another blunt. The two continue to smoke while the moon dances with clouds and stars.

“A life filled with passion can be lonely. A life without anyone to truly confide in, just you and your passion can get old. I find myself constantly hunting for my next conquest for the sake of it and I don’t know if I will ever be truly satisfied. But what do I know?” Renee stares at her partner blankly. After posing her question, Renee kisses the other woman deeply while digging her nails into her hips. Together they join in the moon and clouds’ dance.

For the remainder of the night the two women shared their bodies. Renee eagerly devoured her friend from head to toe. After slowly licking and sucking every inch of the woman’s body, Renee mounted her pussy onto her partner’s and began to grind. The woman’s eyes were glazed over in ecstasy as her legs shuttered and the room quaked.  Renee gave a satisfied smile. The moment of climax was the best part. While the woman panted for sanity, Renee straddled her face. Renee gently stroked her bush on the woman’s soft pink lips and tongue. She gradually picked up speed until her thick cream burst into the young woman’s mouth and down her chin.

They lay in a tangled mass on the bed until the sunrise came along to dry up the night’s festivities. Now for the worst part, saying farewell. Renee showers her company with kisses until she opens her green eyes. “Good morning, beautiful,” Renee smiles. “I’m about to take a shower and get ready for work. I left you breakfast and coffee on the counter. I hope you don’t mind but I have a terribly long day ahead,” with those words she slips out of the bed and into the bathroom. She then quietly prays that the woman is no longer in her apartment when she finishes her shower.

Thirty minutes later, Renee creeps out of the bathroom and into her room. She sits on the bed quietly trying to listen for the sounds of another person’s presence. She is met with more silence. When she walks into the kitchen she finds the breakfast uneaten with a note.

When you’re finished chasing passion, give me a call.

Renee smirks, tosses the note, and eats the breakfast that was left behind. After she eats, Renee grabs her box of cigarettes and heads to the balcony.  Renee sits and stares at New York’s skyline for several minutes before lighting her first cigarette. By her third cigarette she has decided that she will not be going into work. She gets up and turns on her Prince album.

Gett off! 23 positions & a one night stand. Gett off! I’ll only call ya after if you say I can….

Renee slips out of her robe and dances provocatively around her apartment. After two more plays she slips on a black tank top, dark blue jeans, and a pair of patent leather red, sling back, peep toe stilettos. She stands in the mirror intensely surveying her final look. Renee runs her fingers through her long hair and turns her lips up. She then grabs a towel and scissors and begins to hack away her hair until it just barely graces her shoulders. With a razor blade she completes the look by giving herself bangs.

The hair cut completes Renee’s look so she calls down to the doorman to have her car pulled to the front. So many options in New York, that’s why she loved her city so much. It all depends on what kind of person you want to attract. Who will she be bringing home tonight? Last night’s entrée was a partner in a law firm she met at a social mixer. Renee sat in her car for several minutes before deciding that she’d give the MOMA a try.  If she couldn’t meet anyone there she knew about several exclusive bars hidden throughout the city she could hit.

Renee spends the rest of the afternoon walking around the museum. She shares a few opinions with strangers on the pieces on display but there was no one she cared to spend the remainder of the day with. Unbeknownst to Renee there was a handsome gentleman nearby captured by the chocolate beauty.  He silently follows behind her plotting on how he will get her attention without being offensive.

Coolly he walks over to Renee and passes her his business card. After a brief exchange she learns that he is an art dealer in town searching for pieces to put in his South Beach art showcase. They part ways and Renee decides it’s time to leave the museum.

She calls PDT out in East Village to see if there is any space for later on in the evening.  Renee requests a place for two and heads over to No Name in Brooklyn to kill time. She sits quietly in the sun as it says good evening to the city and rolls a spliff. She then sends the mystery gentleman from the museum a text message. There was no immediate response, so she sat and enjoyed the moment in silence.

There was solace in the sunset and warmth lingered in the evening air. By the time Renee was finished with her spliff, her phone rang. It was the handsome stranger from earlier. She gave him directions to the bar as she sauntered to the restroom to freshen up.

On the way to the restroom, Renee knocked shoulders with an older gentleman. She casts a seductive look over her shoulder and smiles as he apologizes. For a moment Renee contemplates staying at No Name a little longer but quickly decides against it. She remembers hearing her father tell her brother that a hunter goes home empty handed when he doesn’t focus on his prey. With that thought in mind, she moved along.

When she gets to the bathroom, two women are already at the mirrors primping and chatting so she waits for a few minutes but then decides to slip into a stall. She pulls out her clit stimulator and turns it on to turn up the heat. The buzzing was low but obvious. The women begin to whisper, curious to know if the woman that walked in was as bold as it seemed.

Renee starts to moan lowly and her foot disappears from under the door. She curses under her breath as the feeling gets more intense. The entire restroom falls in silence under the sounds of sex coming from the closed stall. Her heel clicks and scratches against the door as her finger slides the clit stimulator up and down her pussy at a more rapid pace. She curses louder and grinds harded against her toy until her legs shake. The pair of women in the restroom are paralyzed with shock. Renee’s foot reappears under the stall as she taps her swollen clit for good measure. She tucks away her toy and pulls out a few wipes for cleaning her sticky kitty.

When she walks out the stall the women turn around to face the mirror, they are flustered and somewhat aroused. Renee washes her hands as she chuckles to herself. “I don’t know why I didn’t just use my compact!” She said as she pulled her small mirror from her purse. “Silly me,” she continued and bid them adieu.

Renee pulled up to PDT and touched up her makeup once more. When she arrived to the door the gentleman was standing outside. His cool blue eyes rivaled those of Michael Ealy. The man’s style is earthy and he adorns a crown made of thick, brass colored locks. The corners of his thick lips turned up to reveal his gorgeous teeth.
He approached Renee’s car and opens the door. “This is quite an interesting place you have chosen,” he said.




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