That’s all the message contained. It took me a second because I didn’t know the sender. I kept repeating the numbers. They meant something but I couldn’t quite figure it out. Then it hit me. It was my approaching anniversary from a previous relationship. It was such a powerful, young love; a love I will never forget. This is mostly because she was crazy as hell.

Ok…so, what about it? Was my response.

Do you still love me?

To that I did not reply. Then I got another message.

Meet me at the Residential Inn on our day. Ask for me at the front desk.

Still I had no reply.

Come on, love. Let your curiosity get the best of you.

Finally I hit her back and said I would think about it. A few days passed and she would cross my mind every so often but I wasn’t going to meet her at the hotel room. Her crazy ass gave me the best head I ever had. She loved to suck my dick and I loved eating her pussy even more. But I wasn’t trying to take it there with her. She would make me miserable if I did.

**** ****
Jan. 25, 2015

“What the hell is this Nick?” my girl was standing over me holding my phone.

“What are you talking about?” I frowned at her and snatched my phone.

“Why is Sunny asking to meet up with you today? And why did you agree to meet?” she fumed.

“Ok, Crista, why are you in my phone?”

“Ok, Nick, why are you talking to her?” her tone matched mine.

I could have explained to her that I was humoring Sunny and nothing was going on. I could have but Sunny and I broke up two years ago because of Crista. Why would I go back to her if I’m with the person I left her for?  I also didn’t explain because she is always in my phone. If she stayed out of my phone she wouldn’t always be upset. A few weeks ago, Crista got buck on my baby cousin for sending me a text in the middle of the night. Then she blocked my brother from calling me because he sent me a picture of his girl’s titties.

Crista is short and thick with a flat stomach, a true big and beautiful woman. She’s a ten in the face and has no reason to ever feel insecure. But being gorgeous means nothing to women these days. Crista is forever bagging on me about some girl. This time she’s bouncing around raving about Sunny. I need freedom. I’m not seeing anyone but Crista and she knows that but we proceeded to argue anyway.

After ten minutes, I started to get dismissive because as much as I used to enjoy feeling Sunny wrap her lips around my dick, I wasn’t fucking with her crazy ass anymore. The disagreement was fruitless but Crista kept ranting as her big titties bounced and jiggled. She was going on about “respecting her and our relationship.”

At one point, I dazed off. Just the other day, I was titty fucking Crista while she slurped on the head of my dick. I was in and out of those E cups as she moaned, dutifully cleaning off the head of my dick with each stroke. We had cool whip and syrup all over us. I pinched and played with her gum drop nipples the whole time.

“You don’t even care!” Crista punched me in my chest, interrupting my thoughts of ejaculating in her mouth.

“Are you still fucking her?” she asked. “You must be, why would she be contacting you?”

“I’m not staying here to argue.” I started getting dressed.  Now she thinks I’m going to see Sunny but I’m not. I ignore her and keep getting dressed. I’m going to my mom’s house but Crista needs to sweat it out. As I’m heading to the door, Crista grabbed at my shirt. I pushed her away, I needed to go chill before I lost it. I mumbled my goodbye and slid out the door.

Several hours and a couple of beers later,  Sunny was hitting my inbox. I had some messages from Crista too but I ignored those. I dismissed myself from the family room and headed towards the attic apartment. I made a quick left to the side door and hoped no one noticed. I didn’t want anyone to know where I was going.

I got into my car and drove an hour to the Residential Inn by Sunny’s house. The place looks pricey but I parked and headed to the counter anyway. The concierge gave me a key and I get to the room and let myself in. It’s a suite so the room is laid out like an apartment. I call out for her but I don’t get an answer.

I’m walking around the suite and I see a candy bowl with loose white and milk chocolate flakes on the bedside table. There’s a bottle of honey and a bottle of wine sitting next to it. On the other bedside table, there’s a clear bowl with a few magnum Xls in it, and a jar with folded paper inside. My head is already spinning.

I turn around and there is Sunny in a purple lace bra and panty set with these little yellow ribbon ties. Her full breasts were spilling over the top of her bra and her perfect round ass was hanging out of her panties.

She kissed me like it was the first time and bit my bottom lip to finish it off. I winced a little from the sting. I forgot how kinky Sunny is. I grabbed her by her waist and pinned her against the wall. Her smokey eyes pierced me and I was flooded with memories. I kissed her deeply and worked my tongue to her neck.

Sunny dug her nails into my shoulders and pulled herself up. I lifted her around her thighs and pressed her harder against the wall. We kept kissing. She pushed me away and instructed me to get undressed as she did a slow strut to the bed.

I was captivated. Sunny had a way of hypnotizing me and I have never been able to break her spell. I matched her stride and followed her to the bed as I undressed. I pushed her on to the bed and was prepared to dive in.

“No, not yet,” she pressed her heeled foot into my chest. “There’s something in the fridge I need you to get.”

I smirked at her flare and headed to the refrigerator. There was a tray of ripe berries. She took them from me and pulled me down on the bed. As we kissed a little more, she told me to pick a piece of paper from the jar on the bedside table.

‘You first,” it read. She gave me a knowing smile and laid me on my back as she pulled cuffs from the sides of the bed. As I motioned to stop her, she used her soft lips to silence my objections. Before I could ask any questions, she turned her back to me and bent her perfect ass in my face. My impulse was to reach out and pull her on to my face but my hands were tied. This time Sunny paced herself using the cuffs at the foot of the bed for my ankles. Her booty wiggled just inches from my face. When she finished, she stood back from the bed to admire her work.

“Don’t pull no bull shit, Sunny,” I was starting to curse my weakness for this girl. She giggled in response so what could I do but smile in return? 

“Relax my love,” she said as she straddled me again. This time she held a strawberry. She dipped it in the honey then rolled it in the chocolate flakes and took a bite. The way the fruit and honey dripped on her bottom lip caused my john to grow. Then she fed the rest to me.

We continued like this with kisses in between until she got up somewhat abruptly. She retrieved a blindfold and put it on over my eyes. Her movements were sensual and deliberate. My chest tightened but I was instantly relieved when she started to kiss me. Her tongue was much sweeter like she ate a teaspoon of honey. Then she placed a trail of sticky kisses down my chest and to my pelvis.

My dick was poking her in the chest until she finally inhaled it. I was balls deep in her mouth as she slow jerked it with every swallow. She continued to jerk my dick while she sucked my balls one at a time. My eyes teared.

My body was in a complete relaxed state and then she stopped touching me altogether.

“Open up,” Sunny whispered. “Stick your tongue out.”

I obeyed and could feel the heat from her pussy closing in around my mouth. Her ass closed in around my nose as she rode my tongue. I started pulling at the cuffs like a mad man. I wanted to palm her fat ass and pound it on my face. She giggled and moaned in response.

I could feel her lean forward and start sucking my dick again. This was our favorite game – who would give up first. It was never me. Sunny bucked her hips on my mouth while she slurped on my dick. I could hear her spit on it and suck it off. This time I might be the one to tap out.

“Baby, I’m about to,” Sunny’s moans cut her sentence short. She exploded all over my face.  I could hear more rustling on the table by the bed then I felt her sliding a condom onto my still erect johnson.

“We don’t need it,” I was panting still from having my her grind on my face. I could sense some hesitation so I said it again. She had me  desperately wanting to feel her insides again but she wasn’t having it.

Sunny slid down my shaft like a fireman’s pole. Her hips did a twist as she took in every inch of me. She still felt amazing. With her gripping the cuffs around my ankles I could feel her ass hitting my stomach as she picked up the pace.

I growled and grunted, I wanted to grab her hips so bad but she wasn’t going to let it happen. Her hair swept across my stomach as she leaned back in reverse cowgirl.

“One hand, one spot,” she managed to say. “I will uncuff one hand but if you move your hand to another spot, you will be cuffed again.”

Hair or hips? Ass or waist? My mind raced as she removed one cuff. I grabbed by her hair and pulled her back as she punished my cock. Sunny kept riding as I sank my teeth into her neck and tried to thrust back.

I bit down hard but she kept riding. I didn’t want to lose my free hand so I kept my hand in her hair.  She used my free arm as a brace and held her hips on the half way point of my shaft and squeezed her muscles.

Fucking Sunny – I don’t want to know where she gets these tricks from. Then she does short, paced strokes and I can  feel her playing with her clit and massaging the bottom of my shaft and around my balls. I had to release her hair, I couldn’t hold on any more.  She’s about to have another orgasm and quickens her pace. Then she takes me all in and grinds until her body shakes.

“My legs are weak,” Sunny was out of breath. “Look at you, my everlasting battery,” she said as she stared at my erection.

She walked from the foot of the bed towards me. Her soft fingers caressed my body as she walked.

“You’re almost free to go,” Sunny told me as she removed my blindfold. She disappeared into the bathroom and came back with a warm towel. She removed the condom and wiped me clean. Then she reached up on the bedside table and drizzled honey on to the tip of my dick. As the honey oozed down the sides, she put a handful of chocolate flakes in the trail of honey. Little by little I watched my dick disappear in her mouth.

The head was so sloppy that there was honey all over the place. It was in her hair and on her nose – a sexy disaster. Sunny squeezed and jerked as she licked. The chocolate flakes were melting on her lips. My dick began to throb.

“Cum for me, baby,” her piercing eyes turned me on more. After listening to her slurp on me a while longer, I erupted in her mouth. Sunny didn’t miss a drop.

She caught it from the sides and even the little that landed on my balls – she got it all. She wiped her mouth and climbed on top of me.

“Ready to get up?” she asked as she uncuffed me.

I snatched her up immediately and rolled her to her stomach.

“Wait,” she cautioned. “You have to pick a paper from the jar.”

I frowned and picked from the jar.

Nick’s choice.

Sunny giggled as I pinned her against the bed. I kissed all over her chin and neck as she wrapped her legs around me.

“I knew you missed me,” she said as she directed my head to the meeting of her thighs.

I kissed each thigh before I slowly licked her slit. I took my time, I remember how much she liked a slow tease. My tongue played in the cream her body gifted me. My big hands spread her legs farther apart.

“Kiss it,” she purred like a cat as I licked like a dog. Only long and deep licks for her pretty pussy. I sucked and slobbered on her fat lips – she made my mouth water. 

“Get a condom,” Sunny told me. I didn’t want to. The way her muscles contracted on my tongue made me want to go raw. I kept eating, if she wants me to stop, she has to beg.

Her thighs squeezed my ears and I felt like I was drowning. I hooked my hands behind her knees and pushed her legs back. Sunny ripped at the sheets trying to squirm away but my grip on her legs was firm. I sucked the last drop from her pussy.

She panted and moaned and I felt it was the perfect opportunity to dive in head first. No helmet needed.

“Shit, no Nick, get a fucking condom,” Sunny was barely audible. By the time I was balls deep, she was pushing that pussy back on this dick. I sucked and bit on her nipples as she bucked her hips forward, Sunny stayed wet. All that could be heard was her kitten slobbering all over my dick.

I pushed her legs back to shoulders and pounded hard and fast. Sunny’s nails were a sexy pink – she had one hand on her titty, rotating her nipple and the other hand was rotating her clit.

I slowed my strokes up. Each stroke landed hard. Sunny stopped bucking her hips and started to shake. She whispered something about pulling out – not wanting kids or whatever but I kept going.

As her moans got louder, I fucked her harder. I kept hitting her back wall until I received my reward. A watery clear flow all over my dick. Her sexy ass facial expressions were a killer. I kept telling myself to pull out. I didn’t want kids with her crazy ass neither but I couldn’t stop. Sunny was gushing all over my dick. I felt my legs getting weak as she pulled me in close and wrapped her legs around my waist. We kissed but I didn’t stop.

Sunny rolled us over and hopped off of my throbbing dick. She turned her beautiful round ass to my face and proceeded to gobble my john and massage my balls. Who knew gluttony would be so sexy?

The room was beyond hot but the view of Sunny’s ass is hotter.  I bit on her plum shaped ass one cheek at a time as she used her tongue to flick the head of my dick. Her long tongue swirled around my throbbing dick like she was catching ice cream on a cone. I’m coming to a climax and my joint is hitting the back of her throat. I let out a roar and Sunny gulped me down. She rolled off of me licking her lips. Her legs were open – bearing her fat pussy and swollen clit.

“I needed that beating so bad,” she moaned as she rubbed the meeting of her thighs. I joined her in soothing her
aching love box and took my large fingers and parted her slit. I gently fingered her before she crawls into my arms and fell asleep.

I wake up the next morning to the radio alarm clock. It is set with just enough time to leave before check out. Now comes the hard part – I have to face Crista. I checked my phone and the messages from Crista stopped hours ago. I had a few from my brother but none of of them mentioned anything about Crista calling for my whereabouts. So I must be good.

I get home and Crista is standing in front of the television flipping channels. She has on her favorite sleep shirt and lace panties. I silently admired her thick frame. It felt so wrong – wanting to embrace her after spending the night with Sunny. The fact is that if I could keep them both, I would. I knew that I shouldn’t even consider it.

Crista sauntered over to me and leaned her head on my chest. “I’m glad you’re home,” she said.

“Me too.” I walked her over to our sofa and pulled her on my lap.  I nibbled on her neck and apologized for being insensitive. She in turn apologized for going through my phone. We sat in silence taking the moment in. Crista’s phone cut through our quiet moment. She got up to get her phone but I pulled her back down.

“Leave it.”

“Okay,” Crista curled up  next to me on the couch. Her phone buzzed again. My eyes scanned the room for her phone.

“Go ahead and check your phone, it must be important.  Where is it,” I asked, my eyes still scanning the room. She walked over to the counter to get her phone.

“Crista,” I paused as she stared at her phone. “Is that my brother’s hat?” I felt my heart beating in my ears.

“That depends,”  she replied calmly “is this you and Sunny?” she continued. She showed me her phone; it was a picture of me and Sunny when she had me blindfolded while riding my face.

‘Look at Nick enjoying a Sun Shower,’ read the caption.

7 thoughts on “01-25-08

  1. Daaaaamn that was hot I had a feeling something was up once the blindfold came into play tsk tsk tsk. I need to know what happens next. Did she really fuck his bro tho….that’s cold af


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