Happy Valentine’s Day

I love my wife, I swear I do but something happened when I met the girl next door. We never said much to one another but whenever we spoke, my man jumped. I ignored the feeling for about two years, maybe even two and a half. Sometimes I wouldn’t see her for weeks and I’d find myself jonesing for a fix.

Her sweet smell, round ass, and plump titties almost had me open. She was my Holy Grail; she was unattainable. I hadn’t slept with any one since my wife and I got serious many years ago and I had no intention on changing that, but this forbidden creature’s aura reminded me of my wife when we met. Not to say my wife is no longer attractive. She still blows my mind everytime we make love.

Unlike my wife, my neighbor has smooth dark chocolate skin and dark almond shaped eyes. They’re both exotic fruits of different flavors. I was content with fantasizing about the moment I would part her thighs and sip from the goblet. I wanted nothing more than that. Then one day we crossed paths while I was on my way in the house.

“Hey sir, can you help me with this?” I was coming in from working over night when she called out to me. I turned around to see her standing by her car with a hanger in the keyhole.

I took a light jog over. I was eager to assist but didn’t want to appear to be too eager. She locked her keys in the car and was making a failed attempt to get them out.

Unlocking cars happen to be among my many trades, so we talked a little bit while I worked my magic. During the course of conversation, I learned that my neighbor was a personal event planner.

“With Valentine’s Day coming up, I figured that I could generate a little buzz. You know, let the husbands and wives know that I am here to make their lives a little easier,” she told me as she handed me a few business cards. “Pass these on for me?”

I didn’t mind. I considered giving my wife one. I was more than curious to know what this young woman could come up with but I had to leave her alone. I had to kick these thoughts to the side. She had my man jumping all over the place. The way she giggled, smiled, brushed the hair from her face – it was all a turn on.

Ten minutes later and the keys were out of the car. She was grateful and I was horny. I ran inside to kiss my wife. I kissed her hard and passionately. I kissed her in a way to make her know I was coming for that pussy.

The misses reciprocated. Damn, more than I expected. Her kiss had me feeling my heart beat in my ears and my dick. Then she bit my bottom lip so hard my eyes teared. I could feel her pulling on my zipper before she dropped to her knees and gave me the blessing of a pastor’s daughter.

She slurped, gagged, and swallowed. “I love you,” I grunted through clenched teeth. With her hands firmly on my thighs, she slowly swirled her tongue around the head and proceeded to take inch by inch to the back of the throat. How could I fantasize about another woman when the only woman I have ever loved is willing to please me in any way possible?

“Aw fuck, Isidora,” I couldn’t control myself.

“You love me, Papi?” she said between swallows in her native accent as she took her hands around my dick like she was cracking pepper. The only American bone in her body was mine. We have been together for fifteen years and she still finds new ways to suck me like a porn star.

I pulled her up from her knees by her jet black, wavy hair and bent her over the counter. Her beautiful pink was glistening to her ass hole. Isidora is somewhat petite with a round bubble. I pushed my thumb into her tight ass as I slid my dick into her pussy. She creamed instantly.

With every stroke, my dick was covered in thick white whipping cream. Isidora swiveled her hips against my thrusts. My eyes rolled back as I was about to release. She took control of our pace and slammed her ass into my pelvis and held me deep into her walls and continued to grind. I squeezed my eyes tight and was about to let go when she dug her nails into my thighs and pushed me away then fell to her knees licked her cream off my john one side at a time – saving my balls for last. She hummed on my balls and slowly jerked my dick until it started to pulse.

I roared; it felt so good to let go. It was all over her face and tongue. She smiled and got on her feet.

“I saw you talking to that girl,” Isidora said as she walked to the bathroom. Her bare ass jiggled as she walked away. “You needed a reminder,” she chastised me.

I didn’t reply. My wife knew I wasn’t going anywhere. I quickly followed her to the bathroom and kissed her neck. She giggled playfully and grabbed at my dick. I told her to stop playing and get her ass ready for work before I tore her pussy up again.

We brushed our teeth and took a shower where I ate my wife’s cat a little more. Then I got in the bed and she went off to work. I didn’t even think about that girl again. She didn’t cross my mind until I was emptying my pockets and found her business cards. This time I actually read a card. There was an extensive list of services and packages on the back.

Gifts and goodies, adult equipment rental, The VDay Su’Creme, The Balls and Chain, The Swingers D’Fux. . . to name a few of her services and packages. Not too bad, I guess. I had to go away for a conference a few days before Valentine’s Day. I’ll see what she’s talking about and maybe I can use her services to plan for my wife and me.

I gave it a few days before I called her. Valentine’s Day was in a couple of weeks so I had a little time to burn. When I finally called to schedule an appointment, she was very unfamiliar. It was like we hadn’t been conversing a few days back.

“This is Nadine, how can I help you?” her voice was pleasant but abrupt.

“Yea, this is Victor. I live down the street,” I tried to sound nonchalant. “I helped you with your car the other day.”

She warmed up a little bit when she remembered who I was. We made arrangements to meet in a few days. Was I wrong for procuring this young lady’s services? I don’t think so. It was purely innocent. My wife keeps me satisfied and I have never cheated before so I felt like this meeting was not going to change a thing.

The day finally arrived. We linked up at a restaurant nearby. Nadine had all kinds of photos and diagrams. She also had me fill out a questionnaire about my wife’s and my sex life, our likes, dislikes, and what have you.

Then she showed me some of the equipment she has to rent. I made a few selections and went on my way. Business, straight like that. So why do I feel guilty? My wife keeps me fxcked and fed sufficiently. I shouldn’t lust after Nadine. I pushed her out of mind and moved on with my day.


Valentine’s Day had arrived and I was excited to see the outcome. I proceeded with my morning routine like nothing was going on. Isadora didn’t ask about gifts and she kissed me as a thank you for the card I left by the bed. I told her that I would call her with the information for the our usual Valentine’s Day dinner and left for work.

Traffic was smooth and uneventful. I sat in the parking lot thinking about tonight. I didn’t want to call Nadine but I still hadn’t heard from her and I needed the details for tonight.

Hey, it’s all set. The W in Union Square. Check in at 3 but you don’t have to arrive until you are ready to meet your wife. I will have the room good to go by four.


I replied to let her know that I would be there after work and that she should send a car to my wife’s job around four so she could leave work early to get ready for the night.

I was getting a little anxious at work. I wanted to head over to the hotel and see what Nadine came up with but I held my position. The end of my work day finally came around and I was out of the door.

I got to the hotel and gave Nadine a call but there was no answer. I sat in my car for a few minutes waiting for her to call me back. Then I got a message from her saying that the room was ready so she’d left. I walked up to the concierge and requested my room key.

The room was set up gorgeously – not too cliche. The view from the room was amazing. The sun started to set and the city was gradually lighting up.

I decided to go take a shower and get myself dressed. I had about two hours before Isadora was to arrive. I headed to the shower and hanging in the door way was a swing. I chuckled and walked past. I probably won’t be using it but it definitely sets a tone.

There were scented candles sitting on the sink with hand written notes to have them lit shortly before Isadora’s arrival. They made the bathroom smell kind of like apples or cinnamon. I’m not sure but it was pleasant. There were no pedals in the tub and I liked that because I think sometimes rose pedals are over done.

I took a look at the shower head and it was a tropical rain just how I like with cloth cuffs hanging from around it’s neck. Now this, I would probably use. I could imagine Isadora hanging from the shower head as the water rushed over her breasts and hips.

I pushed the fantasy out of my mind and readied for a shower. The hot water flowing on my head and shoulders aroused me. I felt the blood rushing to my john as I slowly washed it.

The suds built around my genitals and the base of my dick. I took the wash cloth and wrapped around my manhood and stroked. I kept rolling the cloth around the head and then down. I got lost in my own stroke thinking about the things to come later this evening.

My strokes were getting firmer and the pace was picking up. I was about to climax when the glass door to the shower opened. I opened my eyes ready to fight.

Nadine giggled and said, “Don’t mind me. Just here for payment.”

My facial expression was dead confused because she didn’t mention that she would be back for payment. I began to wonder what kind of payment she was referring to when she clarified with the fact that she was talking about monetary payment.

“You can tip me with that,” she continued to joke as she walked out of the bathroom.

I rinsed off quickly and threw on the bathrobe. “What are you doing here, really?” I questioned.

“I’m here for payment. I only accept cash and then I will be on my way,” she replied with a smirk as she leaned on the dresser.

I walked over to Nadine slowly. My chest was exposed; I’m not going to front like I wasn’t trying to throw on the sexy a little. As I got closer, my chest got tighter and I almost lost my nerve but I kept walking closer. I stopped walking when I was close enough to smell her hair.

She looked up at me and our noses touched, “You want some of this?”

“Not at all,” I replied, trying to keep it cool. I grabbed my wallet off of the dresser. It was just inches from her finger tips. I played off the moment and forced the  money into her open hand. She seemed surprised that I managed to get so close and not do more.

“Well, I’ll be on my way. It was a shame that business could not have been more of a pleasure,” she stated. “Isadora is  a lucky woman.”

I watched Nadine walk out of the room. She walked like she had the cleanest pussy around; like she tasted of honey and champagne. I sat down on the bed out of breath. I was so nervous around her. No woman has ever forced me to push the limit the way she has. I was King of the Bedroom but only for my wife.

I sat for a while and waited for Isadora’s arrival. I wanted to be dressed when she arrived but not too much before. So I waited for the time to get closer and found myself falling asleep.

I called my wife and she didn’t answer. I called downstairs to see if I missed her arrival but the woman at the front desk had just started her shift. I sat back down somewhat deflated. What could have gone wrong?

I called Nadine to see if she sent the car to Isadora’s job as the final touch but when she answered, she was a little rude and told me that she was on her own date.

I had to call my wife back a dozen times and she still did not answer. I snatched my work clothes off of the floor and stuffed them into my duffel bag.

“Damn,” I was fuming. This was supposed to be special but here I am. Somehow lines got crosses. I don’t know if Isadora is upset with me because she thinks I had nothing planned or what. It doesn’t matter. It’s still early enough for me to salvage the night.

I kept the room, of course, and I fought through the traffic going over the bridge. I had my “Love Jones” playlist on during the ride so I can keep the energy from earlier. I finally arrived to the house and saw my bedroom light on. I was relieved to see that she was home and I hoped that she wasn’t disappointed.

As I ran up the stairs, I could hear her favorite song “Flor Palida” playing. I could hear other sounds as I approached the front door. Was that moaning? I was sure I could hear Isa’s moans. I hit the apartment entrance and slowed my pace as my blood pumped into my ears. My gun was in the bedroom and it sounded like she was in the living room.

How could she do this and on Valentine’s Day. I felt the world crashing around me.

Her moans interrupted my thoughts, “Harder, baby. Yes, you’re so deep!” Her giggles in between her moans fueled my rage.

“Put it in my mouth, yes. Mmm, yes!”

I could hear spanking sounds echo through the living room and couldn’t contain myself any more. I stormed into the living room ready for war.

“Bitch, get the fuck up,” I said as I ran in. “Hold up, Nadine? What the hell is going on in here?” My heart was still racing as I snatched Nadine off of my wife.

Nadine had that same smirk on her face that she did after catching me in the shower. Isadora didn’t look as pleased. Her startled expression gave me reason to tighten my grip on Nadine’s arm.

“This is your Valentine’s Day gift,” Nadine broke the silence. Isadora silently confirmed this statement with a nod.

“Isa, is this for real?” I had to man up but I felt the tears swelling. I want sure how to feel. I let go of Nadine and sat on the couch. I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I cried.

Nadine slowly lowered onto her knees in front of me and looked into my eyes. Her soft lips brushed against my forehead and then she kissed each eye. “It’s okay,” she whispered.

I didn’t know if I should feel relieved or enraged. I didn’t reply as Isadora raised from the floor and joined Nadine in kissing on my face and neck. I leaned back on the couch as Nadine rose from her knees to straddle me.

My body started to relax and I let them take control of me. Isadora joined our kiss further arousing me. We all continued to kiss as they undressed me.

“I love you,” Isadora said between kisses. “This is my gift to you,” she continued.

Nadine didn’t say anything; she pulled my dick out and kissed the head. Isa and I watched as the tip slipped in and out of her full lips. She made low slurping sounds as she looked up at her audience.

Isa blocks my view by raising her round ass and resting it on my lips. Without hesitation, I slowly sucked on her pussy lips. I could feel their tongues intertwining as they sucked my sick in unison. They stopped sucking and started to kiss. My head tapped their chins as Nadine held on to my shaft tightly.

Nadine pulled Isadora off of my lips and onto my stomach as she climbed on and slid down my manhood. I could feel her pussy tighten as I filled her entirely.

Isadora placed her feet on Nadine’s thighs and pushed her fully exposed pussy forward. Nadine’s knuckles rubbed against my stomach as she fingered Isadora.

Isa moaned and begged Nadine to keep going. The pace quickened and then she suddenly stopped. She pushed Isa back and pressed her thumb on her clit. This whole time, Nadine did not stop riding.

The sound of my wife being given a climax by another woman caused me to almost explode with her but Nadine stopped before I could give her a piece of me.

Nadine climbed off my dick and Isadora started to clean it off. Wax on, wax off. With precision and ease Isadora sucked upward while her hands stroked down. Then she placed her sticky hands on my thighs and took most of my dick into her mouth; leaving an inch behind.

Nadine sat by my side and observed my head doctor perform her best work. I clenched my teeth as I followed her rhythm and thrust in and out of her mouth. I wasn’t willing to stop myself; I needed to release the excitement, the tension, and the aggravation from earlier. And I did. I exploded on her face and some got in her hair.

We carried on like this into the evening. I thought I was going to have to tap out but at some point between the liquor and the intense passion we all fell asleep. The last thing I remember is seeing the sun through the blinds as Nadine attempted to arouse me again. I awoke the next morning alone on the floor somewhat groggy it took a few moments for me to focus on the conversation down the hall.

I could hear Isa giggling before she said, “Nadine you are so smart. I really think Victor would have killed us if he knew our party was for two.”

“He really is a good guy. If only you knew what that hotel room looked like last night. I think you would have gone.”

“He is a good guy but,” Isadora paused, “I like girls now. It’s crazy that he turned you down. You are the first female I’ve have been with and I find you simply irresistible. How can I divorce him if he won’t cheat?”

“Maybe we don’t have to.”


“Yup, ‘we.” They started to chuckle quietly.

I got up from the floor sat on the couch as I rubbed my face. What is going on? Am I going to sit here and let these women plot against me? I walked into the kitchen to find Isadora sorting on the counter and Nadine standing between her legs. Isadora’s expression was the same as it was last night when I walked in on them the night before.

My expression was pained. I could feel the strain in my forehead and jawline during the awkward silence. Nadine was the first to speak but I couldn’t hear her. It all sounded like white noise. What’s wrong with me?

I rushed out of the kitchen and headed to our bedroom. The bedroom I shared with my wife while she shared the same room with some woman that wants to break up our home. I had a threesome. It was amazing. Should I care that this is a direct result of an affair she is having with a woman?

I threw on my shorts and t-shirt and left. They were calling after me but still naked and couldn’t follow me. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to feel. I was numb.

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