Finding Passion



She inhales her blunt while she stares out the window. The smoke swirls around her thick lips and round face. Silence fills the room until she lets out a discontent sigh. “You know what the problem is?” Renee whispers. “I’m addicted to passion,” she continues. She turns to admire her naked frame in the moonlight creeping through the dark room then climbs in the bed. Her companion doesn’t reply as she patiently waits for Renee to pass her the peace pipe.

More silence infiltrates the room while the two share cloud nine. Finally the woman has found a response, “That’s not a problem.” She slowly blows a tuft of smoke into Renee’s mouth. “What’s life without passion?” she continues. She intertwines her milky legs with Renee’s dark chocolate legs. Renee only scoffs in response and starts to roll another blunt. The two continue to smoke while the moon dances with…

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