Candle in the Window :: NowPlaying: My Love

I kept a candle lit for you. For every night that you were away, I set that candle in my front window and waited. Sometimes I was less than eager and more forgetful that the candle was even there but it remained lit. There were no winds strong enough to put the flame out. It shone brightly through any kind of weather you can think of. It was unwavering. The house fell down around that candle before you finally came back. But I was there and we put the candle out together. Remember that?

Then one day, I didn’t need the candle anymore so I gave it to you. I would be gone for one season. Which season, I could not tell but I knew that I would return once it had ended. I conceded to the end of  my season and was ready to return to our life. When I arrived to the window, there you were standing in the window with her hand in yours as you put out our candle. My gift to you. An unspoken bond was broken; a pattern that I had created without the wisdom of what was to come had been destroyed.

Without hesitation, I headed in the direction of the wind. I thought nothing further of this betrayal as I focused steadily on keeping my nights occupied and my winters warm. As warm as my winters had been, it occurred to me that this was nothing in comparison to a warm heart. I looked back in the direction of our window and I could see a light flickering. I was tempted to go back but I declined the beacon as this time neither of us would be returning to the candle alone. With my little one in tow, I followed the direction of the wind. I still look back from time to time but every time I do, the house is full. So I continue to chase the wind with the hope that one day it will stop and let me catch up.

You can check out the audio here: Candle for You Audio

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