fixation (living room flow pt 1)

“Thank you for coming, Preston,” Helena flirted as she walked her lover to the door. He stepped into the hallway before they kissed deeply. He backed her into her dorm and the kiss was ignited with more passion. Helena bit his bottom lip then he picked her up and pressed her against the wall. Helena was a lightweight in his large hands. The smell of her pussy was still on his top lip. She wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him closer. There was not an inch between them, only his nine and a half.

Helena’s pale pink robe lifted around her waist as Preston pressed against her; his weight held her up against the wall in the entry hallway. He used one hand to tussle with his belt; the other held his lover tightly. Helena watched the way her silk robe flowed on his tattooed arms. She cradled his head in her neck and shoulders and admired the pink robe against his skin as he proceeded to wear her pink out. They couldn’t get enough of one another. Her nipples hardened as they brushed against his chest and tears welled in her eyes when he pinned her to the wall. He felt so good inside of her; it was a feeling she had never experienced.

Preston linked his fingers into Helena’s and moved her hands overhead. He gazed into her eyes, penetrating her soul and body with steady strokes. Each stroke tapped her erogenous zone effortlessly and he received her cream as a gift. Helena’s thighs squeezed around him and her hips bucked to his rhythm. She could feel his penis throbbing before he climaxed inside of her.

Preston carried Helena to her sofa and rested his head on her chest. She laid there in silence and played in his soft curly hair. The closeness mounting between the two lovers made Helena feel constricted. They were in a friends with benefits type of relationship so when there were moments like this, Helena  had to break it up. Preston was over staying his welcome.

“Okay, luv, you have to get up,” she remarked then nudged him off of her chest.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing, Preston,” she mumbled. “Don’t you think you’ve been here long enough?” Helena finally responded. She fidgeted under his gaze.

“Are we still doing this, Helena?” He questioned.

“Doing what? You shouldn’t be here. We did what you came to do,” her defensive tone started to escalate. “We shouldn’t be in here cuddling.”

This argument had grown old to the both of them. Helena felt like their first time having sex was a fluke while Preston felt like it was fate. It was an evening she would like to forget, though she considered it often. College was a new beginning for Helena; a place where no one had the slightest idea of who she was or where she had come from and to them, it didn’t matter. In college there were no eyes filled with sorrow peering in her direction. Her thick black frames and unkempt hair was all that anyone seemed to care about. It felt like people in her home town were innately sorry for the loss of her mother. While the loss was felt, Helena did not want to live her life in mourning; she wanted to move on. College life gave her that opportunity.

So here she was, tired of being invisible yet still not wanting to be seen. This night Helena was drunk and being alone felt more lonely that usual; she craved a change. During her walk to the student union, she spotted Preston standing around the student board with his friends. Helena walked up to him while he was mid joke and told him that she thought he was sexy. She also referenced her pussy as “the Red Snapper” or something along those crude lines. His friends chuckled in disbelief and Helena in turn, grew extremely red and ran off.

It was pretty cliche, the way Preston chased after Helena but it didn’t stop them. They were both bewildered as to why he did. There was a conflict in the fact that he didn’t want to date her but at the same time, he didn’t care if anyone saw him coming from her dorm. Helena hated the contradiction.

Preston is extremely attractive with an amazing body. He is popular and smart while Helena felt like she was just smart. Her lack of self-esteem was despite her melato brown skin and large, light brown eyes, and thick crown of jet black hair that fell around her face like a lion’s mane. Many people reveled in her beauty, including Preston but Helena never seemed to want to be bothered. She was only seen and barely heard in her classes and even quieter around campus. She was a different girl than Preston was used to. He was a people person, he played sports, and his face is on pretty much every student interest poster. The women Preston dated were generally like minded, but not Helena and he enjoyed every dissimilarity in her. He would rather bask in his enjoyment than share it with others.

Helena didn’t care to process his logic; she felt it were simpler to keep their relationship based on their amazing sexual chemistry. Once she had considered the idea of being anything more than his friend with benefits, things would become complicated but she had grown addicted to his fix. She couldn’t focus without her daily dose and every addiction comes at a price. He had Helena feeling things that neither of them were ready for her to feel. She needed to keep their relationship casual.

Helena felt like if no one was to know they were fooling around, then should be kept it that way. Her emotions were scrambling in an attempt to remain indifferent to his presence and therefore there should be no cuddling. Ideally, Helena wanted to fuck then return to their daily schedule. This concept had become hard to grasp for either of them.

“You have to go, Preston. I have class in about,” she paused to look at her wall clock, “thirty minutes.”

“Oh I see,” he replied. “You don’t have to walk me out,” he said as he sat up on the sofa.

She started to adjust her robe defiantly, snatching at its sides and attempting to tie it tightly. He leaned over and started to softly kiss on her neck then opened her robe and worked himself down to her belly. He kissed Helena and used his fingers to taunt her tender clit. Helena opened her legs to assist him though her mind resisted. Helena really did have class in thirty minutes, but she wondered how long would it take for his beautiful lips to bring her to climax. She grabbed a fistful of his blondish brown hair and pushed his head past her waist line.

“Good girl,” he whispered before his mouth enclosed her pussy. She rolled her eyes back and cried out. Sometimes Helena would stop and ask herself why he had followed her back to her dorm that night and then she would quickly decide that it didn’t matter. She closed her eyes and allowed his warm mouth to silence her thoughts.

As his tongue gently swirled around her labia, his fingers slid in and out to the same rhythm. It seemed that the young man was an old professional. He hooked his arms around Helena’s thighs to prevent her from scooting backwards after her first climax. She dug her heels into the small of his back and bucked her hips forward, grinding her aching pussy onto his tongue. He didn’t stop eating until her body went limp and she was panting.

He sat down on the floor with his penis still erect and his face covered in her orgasm. He eyes beckoned Helena to him and while her body agreed, her mind continued to be unsure. Her body wanted him more and more but she would not move. He reached up and guided her to the floor to join him. They laughed at the way her knees knocked and trembled before he sat her on top of him. She didn’t ride him right away. She started with kissing his neck and even the tip of his nose. She knew kissing the tip of his nose was far too intimate so she stopped herself and raised her ass slowly then rested it on his shaft. The entry was always the best part to her. She also appreciated that he allowed her go her own pace. Helena eased herself up and down on his throbbing muscle and felt him fill her insides each time.

Preston returned the intimacy by kissing her on the tip of her chin and then her shoulder; she winced. She could feel herself getting tense at the idea of starting to become more intimate than sexual. Almost perfectly timed, he palmed the center of her lower back and pressed firmly but he was still gentle. Helena’s nipples were erect from the fire Preston started with the synapses beneath his large palms. With each stroke she claimed on her ride, she pulled his head closer to her chest and buried her face in his hair. Too intimate.

Still riding the young man, she leaned herself back to so that he could have a better view of his penis as he satisfied her. She steadily maneuvered her body so that her feet were pressed against the bottom of the sofa on each side of his athletic body and she held one of his ankles in each of her hands. Fucking his brains out is always Helena’s motive. They were rarely together in public so they may as well relish in one another in the only other aspect possible. She put her entire body to work in satisfying him in the same way he pleasured her. Preston kept her at the cusp of satiated just like any addiction. Because of this, Helena knew that once she reached the pinnacle of satisfaction, she would be able to walk away and go back to her unremarkable world.


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