:Random 49:

I’ve been cradling my grief like a newborn baby. He’s mine. No one can see him, no one can touch him, and if he does somehow make it into someone’s view, you can’t tell me what to do with him. Some days it seems he’s getting big and growing to be too much for me to nurture alone. Other days, most days, I manage with him just fine. Today we’re getting ready for work and I pray he behaves himself.

:Random 46:

I’m feeling antsy in this heat. I should be in the nude. Your hands should be in the crooks of my knees. My knees should be pressed into my ribs while your phallus massages my insides. The sound of coqui add to the soundtrack of our love making.

:Random 45:

Remember when I started smoking? We smoked together my first time. I used to spend the nights on the town and the days walking in the park before our love affair with Mary Jane infiltrated my world. There were days the sun didn’t kiss my skin. We, instead, spent hours on the couch laughing over shotguns and zombies. We shared kisses infused with whiskey and cognac. Fresh herb stained our lips and finger tips. What a life.

:Random 44:

When I find my muse, we’d likely spend a brief season together. It would be long enough for me to be inspired to write a book yet short enough for me to only know and adore his best qualities. Before the fruits sour and the skies gray, my muse will be gone. His absence would inspire yet another book, I’m certain.

:Random 43:

A smirk crept across his face as he settled into his seat. He appeared to be reflecting on a special moment. I wondered if it were about a special someone or a special place. I find that to be the most remarkable aspect of speculation. I spent our brief train ride considering different explanations with the understanding that every conclusion could be wrong.