Svelte – VDay Stickers

This is actually going to be pretty short and sweet. I’m tired of making announcements about plans that I have for the site and they never go thru! I’m sure, as a blogger, you can relate. Between having a full time job, being a writer, and most importantly, being a mom — there isn’t enough time in the day.
I can also add to that binge watching Netflix, but that’s neither here nor there. Point is, things haven’t been coming to fruition lately and I haven’t been properly managing my time.
Anyway, you know I’m a low key planner addict, so I’ve added some Hot Date dolls to the mix. There are only two sizes but MANY a few different hair colors. Some of you asked for salt and pepper – I tried to find it for free and was unable to. If you think you wouldn’t mind paying for dolls on Etsy, I’d love to know. I enjoy making the girls and I don’t mind sharing them but it does cost money for some of the content. So I use what I have to keep it free. I get some requests for certain looks but some of the looks I’m being asked for, I don’t have.
You may also notice the last two sheets have a male feature. Another role player that doesn’t mind lending his time. What’s a hot date without a date? Make sure you check out some of my main content as well! It includes erotica as well as some personal essays. I’ve been grieving lately and so writing and making my dolls come to life really help me pass the time.

Valentine’s Day Stickers


Valentine’s Day Stickers



Valentine’s Day Stickers



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