Fxck Me Sane

I pulled into the hotel parking lot not expecting much out of this trip. I’ve read about this little love nest in books and heard about it from friends more times than I could count but the ambiance thus far is less than impressive. I read the blinking sign again to make sure I was in the right place.

“The Loop Inn? This place looks so janky,” I mused. I sent my homegirl a text to let her know I’ve arrived and I headed to check in.

Once upstairs I clicked on the room light to discover that the room wasn’t as awful as I had imagined. I sat on the bed and stared at the bag I was told to bring for the evening. Before I changed into more comfortable attire, I laid the weapons of destruction out on the mattress: a feathered riding crop, a two sided dildo, a suction strap dildo, Japanese rope, lubricant, and an ankle bar. Then I began to fill the jacuzzi with piping hot water and suds. Once I decided that the room was ready, I slipped into a red and black Brazilian lace baby doll.

I checked my make up, oiled my body, and of course I took a bathroom picture. A few minutes later my friend and her male associate arrived. It was clear this man would take the lead tonight, and it’s perfectly fine with me. I put in sixty hours a week at work and spend every second babysitting adults. It’s high time I take a back seat.

The older man instructed my friend to get changed into the outfit he picked for her earlier that day. We ate, drank, and enjoyed idle chat while the mood set itself. After a few laughs he stroked the hair from my face and walked me to the king sized bed.

“Lay down and relax,” his voice was stern but soothing. My friend had explained to him that this was my first time trying this sort of thing out and he promised to be gentle. He motioned for her to join us on the bed and handed her the riding crop. Without giving us any further instruction, he walked back to the table and sat down.

She slowly stroked my bare legs with the feathered end of the leather riding crop. my body tingled in delight. As she neared my hips and thighs the sensation increased. My eyes closed, my lips parted, and I let out a low moan. Her soft hands guided me onto my stomach while she continued to caress my skin with the feathers. Without any warning I felt a sting. I winced in pain and looked over my shoulder in shock. She turned me back to my stomach and straddled me. I felt the sting again and again. Was this pain or pleasure? Was the pain causing the pleasure? I can’t say for sure but she leaned in, dug her nails into my shoulders, and whispered a safe word.

“Tie her up,” his voice broke through the sounds of the riding crop striking my body. She grabbed the rope and aggressively stretched my arms into separate directions but left my legs free. His hands gripped the backs of my thighs to hold them apart while she slowly dipped her fingers in and out of my pussy.

“You’re a nasty little girl,” she hissed at me. “See how wet you are?” she continued. My body weakened from her playing in my pussy and I could feel a puddle forming on the bed under my pelvis. While she continued to play in the fluid dripping from my body, her associate squeezed my ass and filled my asshole with his thick thumb. His thumb and her fingers worked in and out of my body rhythmically. I could feel an orgasm building as my body shuddered then they stopped.

He striked my bottom with the crop so hard, my eyes teared. “You are to ask for permission before you orgasm,” his tone was slightly exasperated. “Clean her up,” he told my friend and with no hesitation she licked me from pussy to asshole. She started in a gentle manner and built up to an animalistic pace. While she continued to devour my pussy he untied my baby doll. His slid his fingers up and down my spine. I wanted desperately to grab a hold of something but the only things in reach were the ropes used to tie me to the bedposts. I started to scream and moan uncontrollably and I knew exactly what that meant.
“Can I orgasm?” I managed to grunt between my clenched teeth. He didn’t respond so I asked again and again fighting my urge to cream all over her face.
“My name is?” he finally responded. Before I could respond, my body relaxed on the bed while my legs continued to jerk and once she was through and my hands were untied. I took the spanking to my backside as he reminded me with each strike that I am to call him “Sir.”

He turned me to my back and and finished removing my clothing. “Clean her face.” I was confused, what did he mean? She rose to her knees and leaned in for a kiss. Still perplexed, I obliged and during the kiss I stopped to lick her chin as well.

“Good girl,” his deep voice sounded pleased. “Let’s clean you two up.” He held our hands and walked us to the over sized tub. He then told me to undress my friend. She and I helped each other into the tub. We played with one another under the water while he took his time bathing us. When he was finished he took my friend by the hand and led her back to the bed.

I sat in the tub and watched in silence as he cuffed her legs to the ankle bar and tied her hands over her head. He walked back to the bath to get me and handed me a bottle of oil.

“I want to teach you something tonight,” he said. I straddled her and free poured the oil on her breasts and thighs. She laid there quietly, her eyes teeming with anticipation.

He began snapping at her nipples with the riding crop. I wasn’t sure if her eyes were watering from pleasure or pain but I felt myself dripping with excitement and eager to join. He paused for a moment then popped her clit with the leather crop one good time.

“Naughty girl, your getting turned on. I deplore a nasty bitch,” he glared at her. “You, lick her dry,” he demanded as he guided my head to her swollen pussy. “You know my rules,” he said to her.

I slowly lapped at the never ending river while he watched and she moaned. I used my thumbs to part her pussy lips and lick deeper. He grabbed my hair and yanked my head back, dragging me to my knees.

“No hands. Did I say to use your hands? Seems I have two bad kittens to train tonight,” his voice was still soothing yet stern. He roughly tied my hands behind my back with the Japanese rope. I just knelt there waiting for his next command like a frightful but loyal pup. He smacked my friend’s pussy a few more times with his crop then parted her bare lips with it.

“Lick the crop. Taste her with the leather,” he instructed. I took one taste before he pulled me off of my knees by my throat. “Lick it slowly and just use the tip of your tongue.”

After swirling my tongue on the crop for a few minutes he told me to lick her clit the same way with occasional sucks. I was not allowed to lick anywhere else – just on her clit. This is what he called a form of clit torture. With my hands bound tightly behind my back, I went to work. Her hips began to buck while her knees went to the wayside. Her moans turned into pleading. Over and over she asked her master if she could orgasm. He stood silently over us rubbing and pinching her nipples while I continued to flick on her glistening pearl.

“Master, I can’t hold my cum!” she cried but it was too late. Just as he pulled my head back she started to squirt all over my face. He sighed with annoyance and grabbed the double ended dildo a shoved one end into her ass. After twisting it around and watching about six inches disappear he leaned my body back and put the other end in my virgin ass hole. I winced in pain while she and I laid there in a scissors position.

He poured the lubricant over both of our vaginas and ass holes while working the dildo deeper inside of us. The stretching in my ass began to feel good.

“Grind her pussy,” he demanded.

I hesitated. With a dildo in my ass? He can’t be serious. He frowned at my hesitation. Before he could repeat himself I began to slowly wind my hips towards my friend’s. The dildo was completely covered as we began to rub our asses and pussies against one another’s. Being that my friend’s ankles were ties to a bar, her movement was restricted so I rhythmically took over. Her inner thigh stroked my pussy and mine hers. Our moans filled the room and together we begged Master for relief. I could no longer think straight.

“Not yet,” he circled the bed holding the strap on. “Not yet,” he repeated. He took the strap and put it in my friend’s mouth. She sucked and slobbed on it greedily for a few minutes before he took it out of her mouth and started smacking my pussy with it. I found it difficult to keep my pace but I continued while he teased.

Master put the dildo down then pinched both of our clits, “You can climax now.” We screamed, shuttered, and bucked in unison while he squeezed. He removed the dildo from our asses slowly increasing the sensation. As he did little fountains of cum escaped my cunt.

He tossed the double dildo to the side and affectionately untied my friend while I sat in a pool of our juices. She was instructed to untie my wrists, dress me in the strap on, then ride me.

My swollen snatch was covered by the holster but I could still feel it rubbing against my pussy as she slowly bounced up and down on my rubber phallus.

I looked to our master for further instruction but there was none. He smiled in approval. Her eyes were closed as I watched ten inches disappear and reappear. I always took note of how pretty my friend was but this is the first time I found myself wanting to dominate her sexually.

I was just as experienced with lesbian sex as I was with master/sub sex so I mimicked my boyfriend and attempted to match her rhythm. Master mounted the bed behind my friend and began playing with her breasts. She laid her head back on his chest and I continued to thrust. While he played with her breasts, she played with mine and I could feel my pussy leaking from under the strap-on.

I felt my body yearning for another release. I asked and this time was quickly obliged. He said it was time for free play. The only requirement was that I keep wearing the strap-on. I knew immediately what I would do.

He untied my arms and wrists and I grabbed my friend by her throat and changed positions with her. I put one of her legs over my shoulder and proceeded to fuck her like a maniac. She purred and creamed while I thumbed her pussy. Before she could climax, I grabbed her hips and flipped her to her stomach. Without a second thought, I placed my thumb in her ass hole but slowed down my strokes. I had seen this done so many times while watching porn with my boyfriend. She backed up on my hips forcefully over and over until I had no choice but to lean back. She took over the scene and bounced roughly until the dildo was covered in a milky white cream.

She dismounted me and before she could make anymore decisions, I snatched her head back by her hair. “Suck on it, bitch,” I hissed then shoved my cock down her throat. I fucked her face until there were tears in those pretty and dark eyes of hers. She gagged, slurped, and gasped for air. The white cream she left on the toy was now all over her face. I slid it out of her mouth and began tapping her lips and tongue with it. Watching her attack my phallus with her mouth was enough to make me cum as well. My legs felt so weak and I was ready to rest. The sun was starting to creep in through the curtains.

I laid down to catch my breath and wait for the next set of instructions. None came. I suppose I drifted off to sleep because when I opened my eyes they were gone. I was still sticky with my friend’s sweet nectar. It was all over my face and legs. Before I could rub my eyes and stretch my phone rang.

“This is Patriece,”  I answered. I rolled my eyes and rubbed my temples. “I’ll be there in an hour and please have all of the manifests ready,” I grumbled. I decided to only wash my face and brush my teeth. I’ll shower when I get home. When I got into the car, I called my assistant to meet me in the office.

We sat for hours going over air freight manifests and bills of lading but my mind was going in and out. I kept drifting to the images of the night before and recalling my friend’s supple skin and fat pussy. It was time to delegate and call it a day. I picked a team of three to go over the endless piles of paper work and tracking information.

“Do not call the carrier when you find the shipment the container was on. Call me directly and I’ll handle it in the morning,” I directed. “If the exporter calls tonight, forward his call to me; I will handle that as well.” Typically after a day of frantic researching bills and manifests, I just want to go home, shower, and curl up with wine but oddly enough I felt at ease. So I called my homegirl up for a trip to the mall instead.