3 AM

It’s 3 AM
Do you know where your lover is?
I do not.
Chances are i never will.

I haven’t written anything of substance as of late. Just blurbs in an effort to get my fingers moving. I’ve been going through a trying time in my love life and it’s all I can think about. It’s funny that I say “love life” because this part of my life was devoid of fiery love or passion. This part of my life was more about companionship and parenthood.

I want to write it all down and send it to the universe but I fear that once it is written, it cannot be undone. There is something in me that believes in order for he and I to get past this, I must not put it into the universe. I should hold it close to my heart where it hurts the most.

I have been keeping the details pressed against my chest where it seems to be causing a full body reaction.
It hurts to breathe,
it hurts to blink,
it hurts to sleep,
it hurts.

My companion is banking on me wanting to do anything to rid myself of this pain but this betrayal is a fine two edged sword sharpened with manipulation and deceit.

Here I am writing about how I feel but not about what has happened.  I forcefully pulled back the magician’s curtain and now the magic is gone. I want to rewind everything because the knowledge of the deceit is more painful than the speculation.

We’ve been down a similar road before and I managed through that. I just don’t know how in going to get past this.

A Moment

(continued from IG:@TRIPLEQUIXOTIC…Follow me there for part 1.)

I can’t use my hands and neither can you. I use my tongue to lift your heavy dick into my mouth. I start off slowly sucking on the tip of your manhood. I work my mouth in swirls around your organ, taking less than an inch at a time until I can barely breathe. Spit an slobber is all over my chin.

“Hmm,” I start to moan as the pleasure I receive from pleasuring you grows to be overwhelming. My hands are still dutifully resting on the top of my thighs as I start to gag.

I suppose you that you could no longer resist and you snatch my head off of your bulging sex. I winced in pain as you use my hair to force me onto my feet and push my back against the wall.

My nails dig into your shoulders as you lift my legs around your waist. I cried out and you scoffed. One hand pushed your erect cock inside of me while the other braced us against the wall.

I can smell a mixture of my sex and weed on your lips. I bit down on your bottom lip and pulled.

“Fuck, that shit hurt,” you complain. My ankles are crossed behind your back as I arch my back forward and bite you again.

“You don’t listen,” you say as you fuck me harder. I start to scream out, it hurts so good.

My hips are grinding against yours. The room grows hotter and sweat drips down my neck and shoulders.

We start sliding to the floor and our bodies work themselves into a knot. My legs entrap yours and our fingers lock. I want the control again so I start to slowly buck my hips and press my breasts against your chest.

Each controlled stroke brings you closer to climax. My muscles squeeze, begging for your cum. I roll you over and raise to my feet so that we can watch your manhood slide in and out of me.

With each stroke I let you go deeper and deeper. My nails scrape against your skin as your hands grip the small of my back. We rock, my hips roll, and you then sit up so our noses touch. Warm breaths and soft kisses are exchanged.

While this is only lust, a fuck among friends, you still feel the passion. Sex organs are throbbing rather than hearts. We pant in unisonĀ  as the icy wind blows through an open window.

You bury your face into my neck with submission. I cradle your head with one arm while my free hand digs into your shoulder blade, leaving the evidence of our companionship.




I have to keep reminding myself as each pound your give me takes my breath away. I close my eyes as our synapses fire. Lust; this is lust but it feels so much like love.

Sometimes the climax is the least important part.