Purple Kisses for my Quixotic Muse

A Wickd PurpLkiss

We sat together in silence as the clouds shadowed the moon. I’d never seen her before and yet she seemed quite familiar. The wind brushed the hair from her face then she turns to me and asked quietly, “Do you think kisses have a color?”

I chuckled in response then I paused and replied, “I don’t know.” We sat in more silence admiring the skyline. I slid a little closer to the familiar stranger and brushed her hair behind her ear. “Let me show you something.”

I kissed her forehead, left an Eskimo kiss on her nose, and then her chin. My lips grazed hers but I passed them for her delicate collar bone. I back tracked to her ear to nibble her ear lobe and whispered “Beautiful.” I eased her sweater from her shoulder and kissed that too. I paused as I intertwined my fingers in hers and looked into her eyes. While she was enthralled I gently pulled her from the bench and held her close. Several intense minutes passed before she finally leaned in for a kiss. Our lips pressed and our tongues intertwined. I bit and sucked on her bottom lip for what seemed an eternity in bliss. Her lips were so sweet that I didn’t want to pull away but eventually I did. 

When I pulled away I asked her, “Did my kiss have a color?”

“The kiss on my forehead sent chills to my fingertips and toes. The kisses for my chin and shoulders gave me the warmth of the sun. Took me to a place I’ve never been,” her hands stroked my cheeks as she whispered through the wind. “A kiss without a kiss,” she paused, “I’ve never experienced that before. I can’t quite describe what I felt.” She returned the favor and grazed her lips across mine. She was right about the feeling being somewhat indescribable. It was like the warm sun on a cool day against my skin. The sensation heated me to my core and left me with a yearning for something more. 

I kissed her again while our bodies swayed to the music only the two of us could hear. “So what color is it?” I repeated. 

“I find you intoxicating. Your kiss was magical and passionate. I could feel a sense of peace wash over me with every touch and sensation,” she replied. 

I laughed quietly, “What color would that be?”

“It’s purple.”