tonight, midnight ramble

I turned off the television. I turned it off & sat in silence. The house was pitch black & empty. A low and content snore on my right and the humming of a now bare refrigerator seemed to echo through the house. I sighed. My heart sighed. It was a heavy, absolute, and haggard. I stared into the darkness and watched the room lengthen & narrow. The room stretched to eternity and the sounds disappeared. I could hear a loud bang. So loud, my head began to spin. The clangs and bangs were silenced when I closed my eyes and only when I kept them there in complete darkness. my heart had already given its last to me. I opened my eyes once more and attempted a resolute breath. There was nothing. I blinked and the bang came one more. My eyes fluttered & like symbols tumbling down a flight of stairs, the bangs and clangs continued.  I clicked on the television. My daughter’s snoring returned as did the hum of the refrigerator. I was no longer too small for the room. It was no longer larger than life and I could breathe again. Then two pairs of tiny feet dug into my thighs and told me that I made the right decision.