Public Service Announcement

I was going to start writing but then I realized that I will first need a disclaimer. There’s a woman viewing my blog right now clutching her pearls. Let me explain something to you, if you are disgusted by your arousal, you may politely dismiss yourself but what you will not do is damper my creativity.

Go to hell in a hand basket you sad and prude little woman.

I could never understand why people expose themselves to things they do not enjoy; to things they most certainly find disgusting. This is due to either of the following two things: one, you enjoy it but don’t understand why. it’s because you’re a closet freak. or two, because you are a negative human being and you enjoy making yourself miserable.

which one are you? whichever you are, stay the hell off of my blog if you are so fucking disturbed.

Kindest and Warmest and Nastiest Slutty Regards,

Ravenna Black