:Random 54:

Lay up with me under clouds of weed smoke. Your fingers part my lips while you kiss the other pair.

:Random 53:

Drunken with dusty feet, I stumbled to the rooftop with my shoes in hand. The wind whispered, “Jump & you will fly!” To which I replied, “Jump & I’ll surely die.” The cool summer rain soothed my burning skin.

:Random 52:

I raise my glass to the people with full resumes & adequate experience yet lack the sheet of paper that exempts them from inferior pay. To Those of us actively hunting for our purpose under the umbrella of others. It’s time to dance in the rain.

::Random 51::

There’s something so inviting in the wind. The way it rustles the leaves, kisses my skin, and beckons me to follow its patterns in the sky. Chimes jingle in the distance, reminding me of the twilight sneaking into my window as we cracked our eyes after a night of passion.

:Random 50:

If what they say is true, 'Home is where the heart is.' And every time you look around, he's with the same someone else, his heart is not with you.

:Random 40:

Subject yourself to being subjective.
say, “I feel like,” or rather,
“I believe that if you place your thumb firmly on my clitoris, I will climax on your index and middle fingers.”

:Random 34:

​Sex is not only a physical connection but it is mental as well. To improve your sexual experience (even between fwb), make eye contact. Don’t be afraid to look over your shoulder when he’s getting it from the back…be present for every physical interaction. 💯