A blurb

It could be worse. I am cognizant of that.

‘It could be worse’ fills the empty space that is my mind right now.

You stress & stress & stress until it is in fact worse and then you think of when things were better. So for now, it could be worse is fine.

I will live with that and give thanks because when I thought things could be better rather than worse, I was shown how bad it could be.

It almost makes me feel like I’m not allowed to want better but I think my lines are just crossed. Its ok to want better & strive for it while being grateful for the here & now…I get it.

Step 3

Waxing isn’t so bad, is it? I think we should go shopping next. We’ll get some make up and a few dresses. Practice this facial expression. We’ll call it a “sex face.” Lower your eyes a bit and think Color Me Bad, I Wanna Sex U Up. Did you just fall asleep? Oh. Your eyes were closed all the damn way. Alright, honey. I’m going to introduce you to Charo. He’ll fix this.