:Random 34:

​Sex is not only a physical connection but it is mental as well. To improve your sexual experience (even between fwb), make eye contact. Don’t be afraid to look over your shoulder when he’s getting it from the back…be present for every physical interaction. 💯

I find these sorts of announcements to be quite cliche but very important. I have been feeling a great amount of negativity since the new year began. Because of this, it is nearly impossible to offer any positive energy. I have to go on hiatus until I can become the positive being I wish to attract. I only ask that my friends do not take my silence personally. I will return and I will be much better as a result.

Respecting the process means following its lead. This is my next stop. ❤

Explicitly Yours

Toes numb from drinking.
Calves tingling with anticipation
Knees wobbling
Thighs trembling
Hips wide
Legs parted
No metaphors
It’s sex.

Shivers up spines
Sparks in finger tips
Obsessed with

My 3rd eye is blinded by sexual things.
Hoping if I can perfect the pleasure they bring
I can move on to my spiritual well being.